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Customise to your Comfort Level

Discover a better way to sleep with our Sleep Eazi adjustable beds. Revolutionising the way people of all ages sleep, these advanced beds balance supreme comfort with fully customisable support to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. Shop the range today or give us a call to find out more.

What are Adjustable Electronic Beds?

An adjustable electric bed has an adjustable bed frame that allows you to manoeuvre it into a position that is most comfortable to you. Our premium Sleep Eazi beds are equipped with the latest technologies and smart features to offer maximum therapeutic support and comfort.

The dense, tri-layer memory foam mattress is made to distribute your weight evenly and mould to your form with no pressure points. With Cool-Gel technology, it also keeps you cool and comfortable even in hot climates.

The Sleep Eazi bed base features head and foot elevations operated by a wireless remote with a whole body vibration massage option to calm you down before bed or supercharge your body each morning.

Superior in every way, our adjustable beds also come equipped with advanced smart features for modern homes and lifestyles, including USB and charging ports, under-bed LED lighting, adjustable leg heights, pre-saved positions and memory buttons for settling in quickly.

adjustable beds gold coast

Who Can Use Therapeutic Adjustable Beds?

Sleep Eazi therapeutic beds are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a better night’s sleep, no matter what your age or health status. They make ideal adjustable beds for elderly people and adjustable beds for 50+ seniors as they can be positioned exactly as needed and have adjustable leg heights for easy access. They also make excellent disability beds for those with injuries or disabilities that find it difficult to get in or out of beds and find a comfortable position.

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What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

With an adjustable bed base and wide range of positions to choose from, it’s easy to customise your Sleep Eazi bed to align with your exact sleeping habits and specific needs. Our electronic adjustable beds can help to:


Reduce joint pain associated with arthritis and other ailments


Relieve swelling in legs, ankles and feet by improving circulation


Help you to maintain independence by giving you full control over bed position and height


Independence to manoeuvre in and out of bed


Drastically improve your sleep with a foam mattress that contours to your body


Breathe easier and minimise snoring and sleep apnea


Minimise the symptoms of allergies, colds and flus by keeping you in a raised position


Give you ultimate flexibility over how you choose to sleep – change your bed position without waking your partner!

adjustable beds gold coast

Adjustable Bed Satisfaction Reviews

adjustable beds gold coast

FAQ’s About Electronic Adjustable Beds

Do Adjustable Beds Come in Different Sizes?

We realise that one-size beds don’t fit all! That’s why our Sleep Eazi beds come in a range of sizes, including split king adjustable beds, split queen adjustable beds, king singles, doubles, standard queen beds and standard king beds.

Can I Use My Own Headboard or Bed Frame?

Yes, you can. Our adjustable beds with a mattress come with headboard adaptors that let you easily attach it to your existing headboard. You can also fit them into your current bed frame – just remove the bed slats and fit our bed directly into the frame.

Do Adjustable Beds Help With Back Pain?

The best thing about Sleep Eazi adjustable beds is that they can be adjusted to give you the support you need. Sleeping at a slight inclination can help to reduce the pressure on the spine and improve blood circulation which may improve mobility and reduce aches and pains. Find your ideal angle and position – the memory foam mattress will conform to your shape and the customisable memory buttons will save your preference so that you can slip back into it night after night!

Do I Need Special Bed Sheets for Sleep Eazi Adjustable Beds?

Not at all. Our diverse range of bed sizes mean it’s easy to continue using the same flat and fitted sheets you use for other beds of the same size.

Do I Need to Assemble the Beds Myself?

The Sleep Eazi team organise the bed to be assembled for you. We even remove your old bed if required, so everything is taken care of and made easy!

adjustable beds gold coast

Change the Way​ You Sleep for the Better


Whether you’re looking for improved sleep, greater comfort or reduced aches and pains in the morning, the right bed can help you to find it. Sleep Eazi adjustable beds are an all-in-one bedding solution for every sleeper and can help you on your way towards a deeper sleep and better quality of life. We offer free delivery right to your doorstep with interest-free finance options to make upgrading simple and convenient. Shop our beds today or call us to ask for more information.


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